The inner optimist 

Ever wake up one morning and just decide to be happy. Decide that today will be the day that grumpiness can fuck off. Well I do, all the time. Although it’s not always effective. No one can be happy all the time. But one can try. For the sake of my girls I hate having a grumpy day. When I am grumpy they too are grumpy which results in a shit day for everyone. So that I guess is the reason for this blog. To find happiness in even the shittiest of days. 

I like to see myself as an optimist inside, the glass is not half empty or half full. The glass is simple refillable, with whatever you like to fill it with. 

To put it out there I’ve recently had more grumpy days than I have happy ones and I’m not happy about that at all. I once worked with a guy who told me on one or my rare off days that he was worried that something was seriously wrong as he’d never seen me unhappy before. I like that girl I used to be, I wish I could be her again. And I can, I just need to adjust my state of mind. 

So let’s take a moment to focus on the grumpiness, I guess it comes down to tiredness mostly. Secondly the hot humid summer mixed with a baby and not being able to get out much due to the heat. But now (here’s the optimist speaking) it’s September, the air is cooling and I feel like I can breathe again. Tiredness is a state of mind, as is happiness. So today I choose to refill my glass. 

We can choose to be happy. We can decide today to be on top of the world. People can only bring you down if you let them. We can wake up in the morning and tell ourselves today will be a good day and make it a good day. 

Put on a good song in the morning, wear a happy scent, a bright dress, or even your favorite socks. Whatever it is that makes you smile. 

Happy Sunday guys. Go and refill your glass.


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