We ditched the iPad and bought a fish tank. 

Jasmine started spending every waking moment attached to her iPad and those YouTube videos. It was annoying and extremely worrying. She would wake up… iPad, play with Her toys with the iPad on in the background, walk downstairs watching her iPad, she even started watching it when she was eating. 

“This is wrong” I told her father. “This is worrying and I don’t like it, I’m going to turn off the wifi” 

And I did, that night when she went to bed I disconnected her iPad from the Internet. 


But was it done? How would the next day be. How would she act? Would she be upset? Would she be bored? 

Well guess what, she was fine. She was a little put off at first but then she got on with the day and had completely forgotten about her iPad and the kinder egg videos. 

She was a different person in just one morning, she got dressed and brushed her teeth when asked, she did some colouring, she played outside in the sunshine with water and helped me hose down the terrace. She hovered the lounge (for fun not as a chore) and she was present again. Not attached to a screen ignoring the world around her. 

Mummy come and look at my fish.. 

She had a goldfish in a tank in her room that all of a sudden was the center of her attention. 

And before bed that evening “mummy let’s read a book” 

I was amazed all of this could happen from one simple change. It was always me that initiated book time but without the iPad she was in charge, she was using her imagination again. She was being a child again. 

3 weeks now we are iPad video free. She uses her iPad now to take photos but that’s it. It’s been a massive change for the better and I will not go back. Just turn off the wifi. It’s that simple. 

It’s been a full 2 days now that she’s not even looked at her iPad, and whats best is that we bought her a real aquarium now she has 6 fish, all different Colores and she loves them. They are still the center of her attention, they calm her down before bedtime and she also takes on the responsibility of feeding them and making sure their tank is clean. 


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