New Month. New Blog. Hello September

September is one of my favourite months as here it marks the end of summer. The end of tourist season.

Its not that I hate summer, but I am not a fan of the hot Spanish heat. This year has been particularly hard as Sofia was only 6 months old so we haven’t been able go out much during the day because of the heat. Even though we live 10 minutes away from the beach we’ve been only once the whole summer. For one hour. At 8pm. Not exactly livin la vida loca.

Next year will be different. Sofia will be 18 months old. Jasmine will be almost 6 and I plan on spending every opportunity on the beach or in the swimming pool. Next summer we will spend nights at the fun fair, mornings at the beach and afternoons in the pool. Next summer will kick this summers arse!

So what do I have planned for this month?

Well, next week Jasmine will be 5, we will spend the morning with my parents opening presents then she will have a party with her school friends.

The week after its back to school. Im not terribly excited about Jasmine going back, im not kicking her out the door, but I know she has been fed up a bit this summer with not being able to do as much as we would like so going back to school will definitely be a good thing for her.

And me, well I have planned a massive clean up after summer, I’ve even drawn up a timetable to stick to. I seem to leave all the cleaning to one day then go batshit crazy to try and do it all at once. So this will hopefully keep me organised.
I want to do a huge clear out of baby clothes that no longer fit Sofia, and put away the clothes that no longer fit Jasmine.

I once read that a messy house is a stressy house. And it is so true, it is killing me to be so unorganised, im feeling completely weighed down by the messiness of not having time to tidy up, so Im looking forward to having some mornings to get my shit together and clean out all the junk. I plan on going room by room just finding a place for everything and throwing away stuff I no longer need. Spring cleaning in Autumn.

And…this is going to be a hard one but I want to master some new meals to cook up for everyone to eat, Sofia is becoming a lot more interested in finger foods and feeding herself so during the last 3 months of this year I want to increase the menu at home, introduce more fish, and a lot more veggies. This is harder than it sounds with a 5 year old but im going to give it my all. After all I too need to get back into my jeans this winter.

What are your goals for September? And what are your familys fave week day dinners, maybe I can grab some inspiration from you guys.





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