Day 4 // TGIF

It’s Friday!! Friday, Friday, Friday. I remember when TGIF meant Friday night out, Saturday night out, and Sundays in bed. Now TGIF means thank fuck I don’t need to get up for the pissing school run for the next 2 days. Jasmine finishes school at 2pm so really I like Friday afternoons to start the… Read More Day 4 // TGIF

Day 2

Today was a pretty average day. Spring seems non existant and it was cold. Colder than January. Again not what you expect from Spain. So me and Sofia went to the shops. (what else to do when it’s cold and windy!!!) I actually saw a holiday maker in flip flops buy a pair of shoes… Read More Day 2

Day 1

Day 1 of what? You see I’ve set myself up with thus little challenge to spend at least 10 minutes a day to write myself a journal. Apparently it makes us happier. What’s in my journal today. Well today my 2 year old voluntarily sat on her potty and did a pee, for the first… Read More Day 1